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Phone Service For Less
You Are Using Your Office Phones Less and Less

Why Continue To Pay To Much For Them?

Save Up To 50% Off Of The $29.00 Per Phone Comcast & ATT Charge


Traditional Carriers Can Charge $29.00 or More Per Month For The Telephone You Put On Your Desks!


An Example:

                        10 phones       $ 290.00

         Bandwidth LLc Price      $ 149.90

                               You Save    $140.10


You Keep Your Existing Phones ( Voip) Or Get FREE Phones From Bandwidth LLc


Why customers choose Bandwidth LLc

Created for business

Bandwidth offers more than calling and conferencing, toll-free numbers, and customizable caller IDs. We also provide access to other functionality like texting, faxing, and online meetings--no need to switch systems!


Complete mobility

Use your business number to text, call, and fax from any mobile device. For incoming calls, the call-routing process you've set up for your office comes into play.


Easy setup and usage

It only takes a day or less to get your entire office up and running. With full control of your online account, you can customize your phone system and respond easily to the ever-changing business climate.High-level security and reliability

High-level security and reliability

Bandwidth eases any worries you may have about security with its highly encrypted networks and different levels of authentication. We make sure communication remains secure over the entire transmission journey.

Unrivaled customer support

Let Bandwidth show you customer support that is second to none.

Best value for money

Best value for money

Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs. Bandwidth provides your business with a powerful cloud communications system for one affordable price. No additional fees for premium features.




Computer Networks

Computer Networks

1 or 100 computers we will cable and install all of your data needs.



Structured Cables

Cat 5e Cat 6 or Fiber

Licensed and insured we provide the finest structured cable solutions for all businesses




Telephone systems form the worlds largest manufactures including new Windows based systems and Hosted off site systems



About Us

See for Yourself

To find out more about how we can help your company, please take a look at some of the projects we have recently completed for our clients.


  1. 10 Meg fiber bundles with PRI for 5 Southeast CiberKnife locations
  2. Intergrated Enterprise Telephony Solutions for Aurora Labs
  3. Structured cable for Global Pathology
  4. Hosted PBX and structured Cable for Palm Beach Pediatrics                                                           100 Seat Call Center for Lincoln Settlement Funding  
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