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What You Should Know About Comcast Business

Bandwidth works with one of Comcast Business Class' leading distributors. Since we joined the Comcast channel program on March 14, 2014, we have been helping our partners qualify, order, and provision all Comcast Business Class products, including Metro Ethernet. 


Here at Bandwidth, we price all of Comcast's products in real-time via GeoQuote, which has an API tie into Comcast's availability engine. On each Comcast quote you'll see a "green" or "yellow" color code, so that you'll know our confidence level in actual availability. 

The award-winning Bandwidth back office, currently comprised of 3 industry experts, is trained in all of Comcast's qualification and order-entry processes. They are the all-stars who will be assisting you with quotes (what you can't get through our automated tool), processing your paperwork, and tracking your order status. We feel confident in our ability to give you the best experience possible. 


Unlike traditional voice and data carriers, Comcast's high-speed, high-capacity broadband and Ethernet services operate across a private, diverse enhanced fiber network. With over 147,000 national route miles of fiber, their network is the largest facilities-based last mile alternative to the phone company

With the first and largest fully 40G backbone, and the deployment of the first 100G router interface, Comcast’s advanced network delivers reliable and scalable services for businesses of any size. 

Advantages of using Comcast:

  • High network availability, minimal latency and low packet loss
  • Self healing, redundant core network architecture
  • A network covering 147,000 fiber route mile
  • Manageable services that grow with your business
  • Bandwidth in flexible increments from 1Mbps to 10Gbp
  • Comcast’s converged, Layer 2-centric VPLS network is ideal for a wide variety of business, information and communications applications with voice, video, data

Comcast Products:





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