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Since there is no way, to overstate the importance of high-quality security cameras for your business, what remains is to decide which system and it’s components best fits your needs, to decide between the types of security cameras available on the market. Your final choice with the advice and guidance at Bandwidth, will insure the deployment will be the right system for your application.

First, the security cameras differ in the way they are installed and their functionality. There are security cameras that are stationary, fixed to a certain spectrum that can move only through human action and there are remote controlled cameras that are in your control.

As with a traditional camera, the quality of security cameras is important due to pixel intensity that create a huge mosaic of small local details to give you a perfect, clear detailed view when you need it. As the level of pixels increases, the possible resolution of the security camera is higher and details provided for it are more numerous.

Another factor in security cameras is light sensitivity, so there are significant differences in the types of security cameras and how they are sensitive to more or less light. This sensitivity is called in the professional term lux. As the level of lux reaches to zero the camera can shoot in complete darkness. Lux zero means, of course, the ability to film in total darkness.

There is in addition to other points mentioned above, that the duration and documentation of the security camera systems recordings, We have a formula that makes it easy to configure the right choice for every customers need, and today there are security camera systems that can record for many months without the need for backup memory. Today’s options also allow remote location recording , so that recording data won’t be damaged or stolen. 

Access for your camera system is also available on your smartphone and at any internet connection.




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