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What is a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner

  • A Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner is a company, individual or organization whose products and services are compatible with Bandwidth 's telecommunications products and services.
  • The Agent's partnership with Bandwidth  is based on an ability to increase public exposure to Bandwidth  products and services in the Agent's market area.
  • An Agent can either sell Bandwidth  products and services directly to customers or bring prospective customers to Bandwidth  on a referral basis.

Why become a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner?

The Value of becoming a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner

  • Leveraging your opportunity to earn revenue from your existing client base
  • Capitalizing on the public demand for telecommunications products and technology
  • Partnering with a publicly traded company that has a strong presence in the marketplace and a great reputation of customer service

The Benefits of becoming a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner

  • Growing your bottom line with commissions you earn from Bandwidth
  • Expanding your existing line of products and services without capital investment in R&D
  • The convenience of a single point of contact at Bandwidth
  • Access to promotional materials from Bandwidth 's Marketing and Public Relations professionals

What are the different classes of Business Agent Partners?

A Referral Agent

  • A company, individual or organization that submits qualified leads to a single point of contact at Bandwidth
  • Identifies customers' product and service needs
  • Provides detailed referral leads to Bandwidth 's Service Order Process department which in turn works with customer and referral agents to complete sales

A Direct (Master) Agent

  • Is a company, individual or organization whose products and services are compatible with Bandwidth  telecommunications products and services
  • Represents and sells Bandwidth  commercial services directly to the consumer
  • Completes Commercial order/contracts and submits them by e-mail or fax to Bandwidth

What types of companies might be good candidates to become a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner?

  • Telecom CPE Vendors
  • IT Consultants
  • Computer-Networking Consultants
  • Security / Alarm Companies
  • Power Companies "Commercial"
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Electrical Contractors or Distributors
  • Business Associations
  • Industry-Related Resellers / Value-Added Resellers
  • Any potential customer that could build our market penetration

What are the requirements for success as a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner?

What is required to become a Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner?

  • Operating a business with a good reputation in your community
  • To have a computer, and phone 
  • Completing the Bandwidth  partnership by contacting us and compleating the Business Agent Partner contract
  • To complete Business Agent Partner training

What does it take to be a successful Bandwidth  Business Agent Partner?

  • Spending quality time promoting and selling Bandwidth  services
  • Working with our industry experienced sales team
  • Partnering with Bandwidth  at community events
  • Adopting in-house promotions in conjunction with Bandwidth  promotions
  • Developing your own sales plan and sales goals and communicate them to Bandwidth
  • Including Bandwidth  on your web site
  • Including Bandwidth  products and services as a part of your advertising program

Commercial Product Line-up

  • Business High-Speed Internet Service
  • Bandwidth  Business Unlimited bundle service package
  • Small Business Advantage bundle service package
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Voice T1
  • Data T1
  • DS1
  • Managed Router Service
  • Bandwidth  Wireless Internet Hot Spots (Wi-Fi)


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